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Welcome to Parc Life

Play fills you with happiness and laughter. It brings us closer together. It stokes curiosity about the world around you. It keeps you active, healthy and mentally strong. Imagine a place where play lives, where every turn waits fun and laughter. Imagine gorgeous green oases filled with the curiosities of the natural world. Imagine a home where play is everyday, where balanced living makes for a haven away from hustle and bustle.

Curated by Frasers Centrepoint Homes, Parc Life is a brand new 628-unit executive condo in Sembawang specially designed to fulfill the needs of your modern family, small or large. The beautiful Canberra Park at your doorstep, the abundance of spaces and the variety of state-of-the-art lifestyle facilities to suit residents of all ages make living at Parc Life playfully fun.

Come along and take a stroll through Parc Life. Discover how Parc Life is the ideal home for its beautiful nearby parks and cycling routes with convenient access to town, the numerous top-notch schools and other amenities in close proximity; and bright job prospects in the burgeoning Woodlands Regional Centre, North Coast Innovation Corridor and Northern region.

We invite you to be playful. Along the way, you will meet some interesting experts who will be very happy to share more about the careful thoughts that went into making Parc Life the perfect home for you.

Ready? Let’s go!

As you enter Parc Life, you take a deep breath – the sight of tropical greens always has a way of bringing calm. The landscaping makes you feel like you are in a resort.

It’s a beautiful blue-sky day and the striking Canberra Park comes into sight.

You stop to touch the jade green leaves and the light scent of little flowers makes you inhale deeply, and exhale contentedly.

“Happy is the one who stops to smell the rose,” says a friendly voice.

You look up and see a man beaming at you. He beckons you.


A beautiful home where happiness is nurtured comfortably

“Hello, I am Wai Leong,” says the man.

“I’m with Consortium 168 Architects, the people who designed Parc Life.”

“This is a beautiful view of Canberra Park,” you say.

“You haven’t seen the best of it yet! Follow me!”

Intrigued, you leave the path and follow him. A couple of children dash past you giggling. They skitter down a little slope then pass through a side gate.

“Where does that lead to?” you ask the Architect, pointing in the direction of the gate.

“Why, that leads to Canberra Park itself. It’s one of several parks that we are close to. When designing Parc Life, we wanted to create homes that have fantastic views of the landscaping and park. The development has been designed to coexist with nature and spaces of renewal, recreation and serenity. In other words, you can enjoy a great indoor and outdoor lifestyle here.”

The sound of a splash catches your attention, and you see families playing in a huge pool, the Friends Spa. Savoury smells emanate from a nearby barbecue pit as a group of friends happily potter around with plates of food.

“In the design, we wanted to create a quality living environment where owners can enjoy their everyday life. There are no gimmicks about this. It is simply going back to the basics.

For example, in the planning of the overall layout, we allowed for abundant grounds for residents to enjoy. The blocks are generously spaced apart from each other so that there is privacy and sense of space. Units will thus also be better ventilated and enjoy better natural lighting.”

You look up at the gleaming blocks of homes.

The Architect grins and adds, “Most of the units here are sensibly North-South facing so as to avoid the western sun. Those that are deliberately oriented to face Canberra Park have deep verandahs and protective sliding panels in front of the balconies to provide shade from the afternoon sun.”

“Come and take a look inside!” He invites you in.

You follow and find yourself in the cool interior of a spacious living room, noticing the intuitive layout integrating the living, dining and kitchen spaces. You imagine what dinner parties with family and friends will be like – moving seamlessly between feasting at the dining table and lively chatter at the sofa – there is plenty of space for all.

“Flexibility in layout is one of the trends in architecture nowadays. Different families have different needs. By tweaking a wall or a door position, you can have a whole new different apartment. Universal rooms also offer additional flexibility for large or growing families,” the Architect offers.

“Kitchens are also an important part of the living area. We have made it transparent enough to let it engage with the living areas. A glass partition between the kitchen and living room can make the house feel more open and connected.

Wow, you think. This is a home layout that can bring the family together in a comfortable space, where happiness can be nurtured. The thought makes you smile.

The Architect notices, he chuckles and says, “Happiness begins with the home, right?”



A prestigious home environment to last a lifetime

You continue walking. The path curves round a corner, and in front of you is a large swimming pool. It is a hot, sunny day and the bubbling jets look very relaxing.

You lower yourself into the refreshing water.

As you relax at the edge of the pool, you sigh, “What a beautiful view of the park.”

“Yes, it is very lovely.”

You look up and see a man reclining on a deck chair. He sits up and smiles, “Hello, I’m Peck Cheong, I’m the Landscape Designer, from Tinderbox Pte. Ltd.”

“We recognized the potential of the park and open spaces that is adjacent to Parc Life. How did we maximize that potential? Would you like to come with me and explore the grounds?”

Curious, you walk with him through a flourishing, landscaped garden and notice how it seamlessly integrates the pools and garden spaces. As you pass by a side gate, a little girl paddles in on her tricycle, breathless and delighted; her mother follows. It is clear that careful detailed attention has been made to meet the needs of Parc Life’s residents.

“Prestigious homes in a landscaped garden. Just like Singapore is a city in a garden. Parc Life offers prestigious living and desirable homes surrounded by gardens and greenery. It is also about a seamless and easy access to greenery and recreational facilities conveniently at ones’ doorstep,” explains the Landscape Designer.

Drawn by sounds of laughter, you come across a play area. An elderly man chuckles as he gives his granddaughter a little push on the swing as she squeals, “Higher!” Around them, children of various ages clamber and play.

“Designing a ‘lifetime home environment’ means creating an environment that is attractive to young children, young adults and seniors. Also, parks and communal facilities that encourage interactive play provide opportunities for bonding between family and neighbour,” he explains.

Suddenly, you are startled by a small lick on your hand.


At the end of a leash is a small dog looking up at you, panting cheerfully.

The Landscape Designer laughs and says, “We are at the Pet Pavilion now, where pet owners can mingle. There are wash basins and grooming tables – all for our residents to pamper and groom their pets.

You begin to hear the sound of rain, but it can’t be raining, the sky is clear blue and sunny, what’s going on?

“That’s the Rain Spa,” he chuckles. “It is one of the eight spas that Parc Life has to offer.”

“That over there is the Friends Spa, we created a pool especially for communal activity, to create an environment that encourages bonding.”

The Friends Spa is indeed buzzing with merry activity – a group of friends chat in the spa pool while others mill around the barbecue pit and the smell of sizzling meat wafts over.

You can’t help but smile. Yes, Parc Life is a great place to bond indeed.



A safe playful environment stimulates physical and mental growth

Leaving the apartment block, you head back out into the gardens.

Suddenly, a bright red ball comes bouncing down the path towards you. Right behind is a little girl in pigtails running after it. You stop the ball with your feet and kick it up into your hands.

Shyly, she comes to you with hands behind her back, pausing. You bend down and offer the ball back to her. With a cheeky smile, the little girl grabs the ball, and yells a “thank you” as she runs into a playground.

Looking around, you marvel how cute and fun the play equipment looks in this playground.

Indeed, imagination is invaluable. Imagination feeds curiosity, and curiosity stimulates learning.

“Catch!” squeals the little girl in pigtails as she lobs you the ball. You deftly catch it.

“Where’s your mommy or daddy?” You ask as you toss the ball back to her. The little girl points towards a couple sitting on a bench in the shade.

Wow, the whole family is out, you chuckle to yourself.

Playing in the outdoors is extremely beneficial to the development of children. A 2005 study published in scientific journal Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine showed that playing outdoors stimulates the imagination more than playing indoors. Motor, cognitive and social-emotional skills are also developed. Modern technology can never fully replicate the multiple levels of stimulation that free-play in the outdoors offer.

Being in nature is also very effective stress relief. Psychology Today reports that Nature has emotional and mental benefits for children. Playing outdoors encourages a more active lifestyle, which builds healthy habits that children take into adulthood.

Play equipment that consider the physical capabilities of children at different developmental stages also ensure that confidence is nurtured. When children (and their parents) are confident, their imagination can run free. Play equipment used in Parc Life are safety certified.

Oops, you had let your mind wander and the little girl in pigtails is bored. It doesn’t matter, she is now climbing up and down the slide structure, rolling her ball and giggling with delight as she slides down after it. It is clear that she is having a good fun time.

You pause for moment, should you throw caution to the wind and join the little girl in her imaginary play world? The thought of a fully grown adult frolicking in the playground brings a cheeky smile to your lips.

Maybe next time, you tell yourself, plenty more to explore at Parc Life.



Make Parc Life your home

Getting up from the park bench, you heads back towards Parc Life. Passing through the same gate, which brought you to Canberra Park, it is now dusk. There is a quiet calm settling onto Parc Life. You walk past the Rain Spa where you chatted with the Landscape Designer. The once bustling playground, where you met the adorable little girl with the red ball, is now quiet and still. The barbeque party near the Friends Spa has mellowed with lulling wine and hushed conversations. The sound of birds has been replaced with a chorus of the evening’s insects. You look up, the room where you relaxed with the Architect and the Naturopath is dark, but the rest of the block is luminescent and bustling.

It has been a fulfilling day. You spent it learning about happiness, curiosity, bonding and health.

As you walk, a warm feeling fills your heart. Indeed, play fills us with happiness and laughter everyday. It brings us closer together. It makes us curious about our world. It keeps us healthy, strong and steady. Play is truly a way of life here at Parc Life.

Now, is it time to make Parc Life your home?


Expansive grounds to Live & Play

Come home to a spacious living environment. The design of Parc Life optimizes the use of space, offering you ample ground to live and play. Blocks are thoughtfully spaced to ensure privacy and to offer beautiful views of Canberra Park or Parc Life’s gorgeous grounds.  Parc_Life_SpaEight Gorgeous Spas feature in Parc Life’s beautiful surroundings

Be it a birthday bash, a BBQ party, or a rejuvenating dip with your best buddies, Parc Life’s eight gorgeous spas are perfect for social gatherings and revitalizing respites. Invite your pals over for a pool bash at the Friends Spa. Be soothed by the gentle massage of rain-life drops in the Rain Spa. Give in to the purifying and rejuvenating pitter-patter of droplets on crystal clear waters.


A Prestigious Home

Great finesse and care have been applied to create a prestigious living environment for you. Blocks are laid out to offer apartments beautiful views of Canberra Park or the estate’s gorgeous grounds, such as the luxurious Lantern Pavilion. Beautiful during the day and even more luxurious at night, the Lantern Pavilion Spa offers an intimate dip under the stars, sheltered by an iconic lantern sculpture.


Pool Party dreams come true

Gourmet Pavilions and Friends Spa make hosting feasts and pool parties so easy. Go ahead, throw that dream pool party your friends and family will be talking about for months to come. Parc Life’s lush landscape and convenient facilities will make it all the more memorable.


Kids Only!

These special areas are reserved for children only, so little ones can have much fun as they want splashing around with other tykes in the Kids Bubble Spa or Play Spa. With safety taken into careful consideration, children’s curiosity and play is nurtured in this bubbly social area, Go ahead have a splash of a time!

Pet Pavilion & Pet Run

All residents at Parc Life are promised ample space and recreational activities – including your best fur friends! Make friends with other furry residents at this special hangout and grooming space created especially for pets and pet lovers to bond and play.


A beautiful home where happiness is nurtured

Come home to happiness and beauty. An infinity pool trickling over the edge, seemingly into Canberra Park offers the eye a soothing sight. Sunshine and beautiful views are sure ways to rejuvenate the body and soul.


More space for even more fun

Play is boundless where space is abundant



Canberra Park: Gateway to the best parks in the north

You remember what the Architect said about the side-gate you saw earlier in the day: “Why, that leads to Canberra Park! It’s one of several parks that we are close to.”

You decide to follow your curiosity and explore the park.

As you step through the gate into the park, you are greeted by the sound of birds chirping and the light cool breeze. The sun is setting and it is a beautiful time to be outdoors.

Canberra Park is Sembawang’s newest pride. Not only does it offer a myriad of activities for residents, the park is like a gateway to the lush natural heritage of Sembawang.

The Canberra-Sembawang Park Connector, a 1.6km park connector, links the park to the coastal Sembawang Park. It also forms part of the Northern-Explorer Loop, whick links cyclists with other parks around Singapore, including the Yishun Town Park, Upper Seletar Reservoir and even the Woodlands Waterfront Promenade, where the northern shore of Singapore opens out into the Straits of Johor.

Within its 1.5ha footprint, Canberra Park boasts the largest number of swings in Singapore. Multi-sensory play structures are peppered throughout this adventure land, stoking little ones’ curiosity by appealing to different senses. Play-panels with raised textures, a three-slide structure, a colorful obstacle course and even a replica of dinosaur-skeleton are just some of the really fun structures designed to develop children’s motor-skills and imagination. Canberra Park is also Singapore’s first inclusive playground. Children of all abilities can play within a safe environment that is both fun and stimulating.

Adults will love Canberra Park too. Third generation fitness stations appeal to those looking for a more serious workout. There is also a designated Tai-ji corner, Ramps and handrails are a welcome consideration for the elderly, and an amphitheatre and plaza give shelter to community events.

As you marvel at the thought behind Canberra Park, suddenly, a little boy on a bicycle zips past you.

Startled for a bit, you look on concerned. He’s going a bit fast. A man cycles after him frantically.

That must be his father.

“Be careful!” he yells as he brakes to stop next to you.

“I’m so sorry, he just learnt how to ride without his training wheels so he’s a bit excited about that.”

You smile, “No worries, I was lost in how beautiful this park is too, I should have been more careful.”

“The park is beautiful, isn’t it?”, says the father.

Indeed, the revamped Canberra Park is the first step towards boosting sport and recreational activities for Sembawang Residents. There are also plans to develop an integrated sports complex featuring a stadium, swimming pool, hawker centre, library, and community hub in the future.

“Dad hurry up! I want to go to the swings!”, calls the boy from meters away.

“Okay, okay, slow down!” the father says as he clambers onto his bike.

“Sorry again!” And both father and son are gone.

You continue walking through the beautiful Canberra Park. You see an empty park bench and you decide to head over to take a little break. As you’re sitting and enjoying the sights, you hear a woman talking loudly on a phone. She’s a bit harassed, and perspiring. She’s not quite dressed to be out in the park.

She gestures to the empty seat next to you, but sits down before you reply. A few minutes later, she gets off her phone with an exasperated sigh. You can’t help but stare.

“Sorry,” she says sheepishly.

She is a property agent.


Healthy Living is easy when nature is your playground

The North of Singapore has a rich natural heritage waiting for you to discover and call home.

Living at Parc Life gives you immediate access to healthy lifestyle and recreational activities offered by the rich natural heritage of Sembawang and the North’s best parks.

The park experience is just a hop and a skip away.

Canberra Park is the closest to Parc Life. The next closest park is the beautiful coastal Sembawang Park. Revamped with new playgrounds and a petanque court for lawn bowling, this park by the sea remains a favourite fishing spot.

The more adventurous will be thrilled to know that the Northern-Explorer Loop, accessed via the Canberra-Sembawang Park Connector, links Parc Life to Yishun Town Park, and even the Woodlands Waterfront and Upper Seletar Reservoir.



The Best Education Close-by

“Access to the best education is a great reason to make Parc Life your home. Reputable schools in close proximity make this a great place to raise children!” exclaims the property agent.

“Many preschool and childcare centers are all within a 1km walking distance. These include leaders in pre-school education Modern Montesorri International, and PCF Sparkletots Preschools.

Sembawang Primary School and Sembawang Secondary School are both within a 1km radius of Parc Life. Chong Fu School, one of Singapore’s most famous education institutions, is less than 4km away. Another highly regarded institution, Canberra Primary School, is also about 1km away.

Chung Cheng High School (Yishun) is another famous school that has made the North its home. With a heritage dating back to 1932, Chung Cheng High School s recognized for giving students the best educational experience rooted in Chinese culture.

Trusted and established tution centers, like Mavis Tutorial Centre at Sun Plaza, Edufarm Learning Centre and Xian Dai Education Centre, are also within a 1km to 2km radius of Parc Life.”

“The North is also home to the one and only Singapore Sports School. It is the only secondary school in Singapore where athletes are nurtured in both their sporting and academic talents. Innova Junior College, located a few blocks away from Woodlands MRT and the Singapore Sports School, is the first and only Centre of Excellence for New Media and New Media Arts.

Parc Life residents will also find that the nearby Furen International School and GEMS World Academy (Singapore) in Yishun present a potential rental market of students or teaching personnel and their families.”



The Job Opportunities Close-by

You smile as the property agent continues. She is really passionate about the topic.

But anyone would be excited about the North too! Indeed, an exciting new development is set to transform the North into a vibrant business hub. This vast development stretches all the way from Woodlands Regional Centre to Punggol Creative Cluster, through the future Seletar Regional Centre and the to-be-revamped Sembawang shipyard area. Aptly named the North Coast Innovation Corridor, concerted effort will be directed there to create new employment opportunities through new business infrastructure to serve the needs of SMEs and expanding enterprises. Residents of the Parc Life can also look forward to unprecedented commercial and job growth with the development of the Woodlands Regional Hub. It is also set to transform the North into Singapore’s Northern Gateway connecting Malaysia with Singapore.

A variety of jobs are already available in the nearby industrial parks Yishun Industrial Park, Seletar Aerospace Park, those along Gambas Avenue, and the North Coast Wafer Fab Park.

“This means area around the North, including the Sembawang area, is going to be bursting with commercial and business activity. Jobs will available… the future of the North is bright! The value of property here will rise!” says the property agent.


The Regional Conveniences

Getting slightly impatient with her machine gun ranting, you decide to cut it.

“Oh I know and I agree! Do you also know that the nearest MRT station with a connected Bus Interchange is Sembawang MRT and it is on the North-South Line? Parc Life is just minutes walk from it. Convenience will be even more enhanced with the upcoming Thomson-East Coast line (TEL), which connects the North with the CBD.”

“Drivers will find that the new North-South Corridor (NSC), makes travelling into the city a lot faster. These enhanced transport facilities mean whether going to work or play, the journey will be easy at Parc Life.”

The property agent finally smiles, she is impressed. She leans back and props an elbow up against the back of the bench, eyeing you cheekily. You smile awkwardly back at her.

“So, erm, there are a lot of amenities close by too, right?” You try to break the silence.

“Oh yes,” she says.



Community Conveniences

Parc Life is indeed conveniently located where amenities and community facilities are delightfully close,’ begins the property agent.

Parc Life is a five-minutes walk to Sun Plaza, which is right next to Sembawang MRT and bus interchange. The newly renovated shopping mall and transport hub provides convenience at your doorstep. It is served by NTUC supermarket, banks, like OCBC, favourite food… etc

A short walk from Parc Life is also the Sembawang Shopping Centre, another favourite haunt for Sembawang residents. The diverse retail outlets housed in the mall gives you additional choices for grocery shopping and other day-to-day needs.

Whether it is by MRT, bus or car, venture just a bit further and you can enjoy 500 more F&B and retail outlets at Singapore’s largest suburban hub in the north, Northpoint City in Yishun (to be completed in 2017). An MRT station and bus interchange serves this vibrant spot filled with leisure and community amenities, so more retail therapy and delicious food are irresistibly close.

“There you go,” and she checks her watch.

“I should get going, my client wants an update on the latest news clippings on what we just talked about.” she said.

“I really look forward to the development of this neighbourhood. Hope to see you again!” says the property agent as she smiled as she leaves.



Unit Types & Sizes

2 Bedroom Viva: 764 – 775 sqft (46 units)

3 Bedroom Viva/Verandah/Vista: 936 – 1,076 sqft (383 units)

3 + Universal Verandah/Vista: 1,109 sqft (105 units)

4 Bedroom Verandah/Vista: 1,259 – 1,270 sqft (78 units)

5 Bedroom Vista: 1,550 sqft (16 units)

Project Information

Developer: Sembawang Residences Pte Ltd (Jointly developed by Frasers Centrepoint Limited & Keong Hong Holdings Limited)

Location: Sembawang Crescent (Next to Canberra Park)

Tenure: Leasehold 99 years

Expected Vacant Possession Date: 13 September 2018

Expected Legal Completion: 13 September 2021

Total No. of Units: 628

Car Park Capacity: 628 + 5 handicap lots

Exquisite Attractions

  • Developed by Renowned Developer, Frasers Centrepoint Limited & Keong Hong Holdings Limited
  • Luxurious Executive Condominium with Exquisite Units
  • Grand Interior Fittings and Complimented with State of the Art Appliances
  • Superb Capital Appreciation & Rental Yield Potential
  • Functional Layouts with Maximised Usage of Space
  • Numerous Nature Parks in Close Proximity Equipped with Latest Facilities
  • Wide Array of Shopping Malls Nearby such as Vista Point, Northpoint City and Sembawang Shopping Centre
  • Prestigious Schools within Short Distance includes Canberra Primary School, Chongfu School, Chung Cheng High School (Yishun), GEMS World Academy (Singapore), Singapore Sports School etc
  • Ease of Access to Everywhere via Seletar Expressway (SLE), Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE), Central Expressway (CTE) and Tampines Expressway (TPE)




Property Type
HDB (Public Housing)Executive CondominiumCondominiumStrata LandedLanded Housing

Property Size
Studio/ 1 Bedroom2 Bedroom3 Bedroom4 Bedroom5 BedroomPenthouse

Preferred Contact Day

Preferred Contact Time

Alternatively, you may contact us at +65 9739-9070

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